Spaces of Connection for Purpose-Driven Professionals

Weaving the field of connections,

where we experience regenerative cultures.

Spaces of Connection

for Purpose-Driven Co-creators

Have you experienced glimpses of what it feels like to be part of a group united by a common purpose and at the same time welcoming the uniqueness of each person? Such groups create a space in which we learn to accept what has been and jointly grow into what is ready to emerge.

“I really appreciated the possibility to approach inner and outer change in a diverse group of likely minded people.” – Participant Leadership Seminar 2020

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Arne Drews und Majka Baur

28.-30. Oktober 2022
Carinerland, nähe Ostsee

Two hands holding

menschseinlassen Gesprächsreihen (de) /
People Need People Series (en)

with international Warm Data Lab Hosts

Recurring, Online in English & German

Format developped by the International Bateson Institute
, learn more about the project here.

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Hosting warm multidimensional spaces for connection

During seminars, workshops, and online-gatherings I am part of, we grow a network of lively connections among each other, in which we experience new, regenerative cultures, gain insights on who we have been, how we are relating, and who we are becoming. By deeply seeing each other we create spaces from which radical – from the latin radix from the root, of fundamental nature – idea, worldview, behaviours, collaborations, initiatives and projects emergence. I design, organise, co-host and co-facilitate experiences in which we create welcoming, warm spaces filled with room for sensing, sharing, and feeling alive. Personal and group processes are inter-woven in a mesh creating unpredictable patterns of transformation. I work with partners in a process orientated way and some of the philosophies and methods I apply are based on:
  • Warm Data Labs, International Bateson Institute, Nora Bateson (I’m a certified Warm Data Lab and People Need People Host)
  • Integral Theory, Ken Wilber’s work
  • Spiral Dynamics, Don E. Beck and Christopher Cowan based on Clare W. Graves work
  • Deep Ecology, The Work that Reconnects, Joanna Macy
  • Art of hosting (AOH)
  • Theory-U, Presencing Institute, Otto Scharmer
  • Embodiment, Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation

Creating spaces for transformations in your organisation

Do you want to hold a seminar, workshop, online gathering for your organisation? Are you curious about the methods I work with? Do you have ideas on how we could collaborate? I would love to hear from you.

Organisations and people I love collaborating with and am associated to

Past events

Reconnecte avec ta nature

Julia Beyer et Majka Baur

7.-13. Août 2022
au cœur des alpes Suisse



Arne Drews und Majka Baur

Nächste Daten:
15. Januar 2021 (Online)
20. Februar 2021 (Online)
13. März 2021 (ev. Uckermark)

Bringe Deine Essenz in die Welt

mit Britta Böckmann und Gabriele Höfingert

23. Juni - 3. Juli 2022



von Pioneers of Change

9.-16. September 2020, Weyer, Österreich

Wie ist der Wandel möglich? Workshop

Expedition zu einer lebensbejahenden Transformation in Organisationen.
mit der MIND*HEART*EARTH Community
Online, 7. Juli 2020,

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