Are you ready to live a life you can call your own?

Purpose search / Midlife crisis coaching

  • Do you feel unsatisfied and unmotivated even if you have “everything” in your life?
  • Are your days feeling flat and the juiciness of life is gone?
  • You sense that something essential is missing in your life, but have no idea how to access it?
  • You have a desire to drop everything and wander freely?
  • If you are honest with yourself, you know that it’s time for change but you are afraid of losing the people, identity and privilege you have?
  • If you keep living your present life, you know that on your death bed you will regret not having fully lived?
purpose coaching

Do you recognise yourself in some of the sentences above? Welcome to the “party” of the bold scary truths our heart already knows and our mind tries to avoid. Saying yes to live “a life we can call our own” (as poet David Whyte says) holds an incredible power in it and it’s as scary as jumping off a cliff without a parachute. Who would ever do that?!?

There can be a moment in life when frustration, dissatisfaction, depression or the longing for “being who we were meant to be” becomes the force that pushes us over the cliff into a wild personal development journey. This can lead us into the exploration of our authentic self and towards the life we are meant for.

If you are afraid of the unknown journey and would love to have a map, if you are scared of loosing your job, social roles or relationships, or somehow can’t manage to take the first steps even if you know what they are, then coaching sessions with me can be of great help.

I can support you by guiding you through your process based on the four shields model of a balanced personal development, which is a cyclical nature based map I learned at the School of Lost Borders

When working together we will explore topics as:

1. Inner calling

You share your longings, your story, challenges and wishes so that we get onto common ground.

2. Fears & beliefs

Together we look at the doubts, fears and beliefs which are holding you back from stepping into action. Uncover how the same fears and doubts can support your development.

3. Building new bridges

We look at which options you have to experience and explore the aspects you feel called to express and identify next steps.

4. Letting steps unfold

We look at how you can cultivate a mindset that allows you to be at ease during times of change, and how you can learn to sense when is the right time to make decisions.

  • systemic-integrative coaching (different type of questions, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) exercises, goal setting, belief work, visioning, etc.)
  • authentic relating communication practice (deep listening, sharing impact, being present, different levels of communication)
  • nature based exercises (threshold walks, nature place, dialogues with nature, etc.)
  • self-designed ceremony (I support you to enact in your own way processes of letting go of ideas, habits, roles, identities; marking your present standpoint; embracing the not-knowing)
  • deep ecology (grief and gratitude work based on the Work that Reconnects initated by Joahanna Macy)

Why working with me?

I have several years of experience in accompanying people as they navigate through complex processes and have my personal experience in radically changing my life, which began after I realized that I was becoming someone I did not want to be. I also trained as a systemic-integrative coach and wilderness rite of passage guide. These trainings give me access to effective coaching methods, as well as to traditional nature based wisdom on human development and major life transitions.

I don’t see “problems that need to be fixed” in the people with whom I work, but notice how they have a lifeforce, a potential, that is creating pressure as it’s getting ready to be expressed and flow naturally. I help to find out how to break through the dam and let the river of one’s life flow freely.

During coaching sessions I bring my full presence and, based on what emerges during the process, I offer different exercises, methods and theories.

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How do I work? - Coaching Online and in Berlin

Online video coaching

  • 1 trial session à 60 minutes for 80 EUR
  • 6 sessions package à 60 minutes for 450 EUR

In person in Berlin

Walking in the park or indoors coaching:

  • 1 trial session à 60 minutes for 80 EUR or 90 minutes for 120 EUR
  • 6 sessions package à 60 minutes for 450 EUR or à 90 minutes for 680 EUR

– I also offer coaching in German, French and Italian.
– Additional rental costs may be added to the price depending on the location of indoor meetings.
– If you are highly motivated to have coaching and the prices above are a significant barrier contact me anyway to explore pricing options working with your financial possibilities.

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Please note that I’m on maternity leave till the end of August 2024. Until then I take a limited number of coaching clients and my response to the form below may take a while. 

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    by David Whyte

    if you move carefully
    through the forest,

    like the ones
    in the old stories,

    who could cross
    a shimmering bed of leaves
    without a sound,

    you come to a place
    whose only task
    is to trouble you

    with tiny
    but frightening requests,
    conceived out of nowhere
    but in this place
    beginning to lead everywhere.

    Requests to stop what
    you are doing right now,
    to stop what you
    are becoming
    while you do it,

    that can make
    or unmake
    a life,

    that have patiently
    waited for you,

    that have no right
    to go away.

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