Dancing with the waves

that's Majka

Who are you?

“Who am I?” This is one of the biggest questions of being human. My present answer is that I’m a “dynamic knot of awareness in a fluid environment, from which I only perceive a minuscule fraction”. In other words: I’m the sum of all relationships I have with the world. I’m the awareness emerging from all my past and present experiences, encounters and the places I have been at. And much more.

I summarised a few key events of my life in a short ‘official bio’. It provides a grasp of the outer dimension of my life. I phrased it in a way highlighting a shiny image of me – as we often do. However, this is a tiny fraction of who I am. The events that shaped me the most, are challenges, ups and downs, which forced me to evolve and transform, keep learning and adapting. I share with you a few snapshots of such transformative moments, so that you can perceive some landmarks which formed my inner dimension. 

I would love this snapshots to serve as an invitation for you, to get in touch and share with me a few of the stories that shaped you.

Official bio - mini résumé

Majka Baur host spaces of inner-outer transformation with purpose-driven professionals and organisations. Through coaching, facilitation and consulting Majka invites people to experience and embody properties of emergent regenerative cultures.

Majka collaborates with organisations like scaling4good, where, as a board member, impact and behaviour change expert, she consults organisations and co-creates projects like the book “A Changemaker’s Guide to Designing for Behaviour Change”.

Before her year long training as an integrative-systemic coach Majka co-founded the social business WeAct, an award-winning ETH spin-off with the objective of engaging employees, citizens and students for sustainability through team challenges on a gamified platform. At WeAct she gained precious entrepreneurial experience in management, fundraising, product development, marketing, B2B business development and impact evaluation.

Majka holds a Master degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in environmental sciences with a specialisation in human-environmental systems and speaks 7 languages.

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Snapshots of transformative moments

Picture from Valle Verzasca, Ticino, Switzerland were Majka Baur grew up

Loving nature

I was born in Switzerland from a Polish German teacher and a Swiss-german “hippy artist”. As my parents divorced early on, I grew up with my mom and my sister in Ticino, the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. Since I can remember I loved the beautiful nature I grew up in. Nature gave me strength in difficult situations, like the many times my mom was hospitalised due to her bipolar depression.

Trying to make a difference

I deepened my knowledge about the natural and human systems during my travels and studies as an environmental scientist and engineer at EPFL & ETHZEspecially during the exchange year I spent in India, I felt frustrated from witnessing environmental damages caused by human activities and the passivity of so many people. This motivated me to initiate a student association called ‘WeAct’, while finishing my studies.

Being a social entrepreneur

WeAct quickly grew from a project into a startup. I went through the thrilling process of, from an idea, founding and growing a social business together with a team. We were proud to have reached over 15’000 participants with our gamified sustainability engagement programs while working with some of the largest Swiss employers.

Searching for balance

While navigating through the uncertainties of building a start-up both my parents got ill. My weeks were filled with business calls and hospital visits, while during weekends I recharged my batteries in nature on hiking, mountaineering and snow-tours trips with friends. I was constantly at the edge: either on a mountain ridge or almost drowning in work-tasks.

Just trying harder doesn't work

Without taking time for resting I increasingly became disconnected from my emotions and body, twice I almost had a burnout. It was during a calm Christmas break that I realised that I had lost the passion for my work and my own social enterprise. “Trying harder to reach a bigger impact” did not make sense anymore. Working myself to death to change the World, did not feel right. I decided to leave WeAct.

Deciding to leave WeAct was a difficult decision: I did not want to let my team down, did not know what else I wanted to do and had few savings on the side. Luckily I was blessed by the support of a personal coach who helped me in those tumultuous times. When in 2017 I set off for a sabbatical year, I spent plenty of time kitesurfing, meeting new people and living as a digital nomad. That’s how I found myself and my joy for life again.

However in the same time period my dad was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I was very close to him until he passed away. It was a both painful and wonderful experience, during which I got to know him much better and learned from the wisdom of his “old soul”. The spirit became a new dimension I started exploring in my search for an authentic, integrated way of living in which meaningful service, joy and feeling safe are all present.

Looking for a new path

Love took me to Berlin, where I started a new life chapter with my partner. While writing “A Changemaker’s Guide to Designing for Behaviour Change” with scaling4good and training as a systemic-integrative coach, I was paving my way to work as a freelancer. My empty bank account though pushed me to take a few detours in order to finance my life. While working in smoothie-bar I learned many delicious recipes and let go of prejudices and old roles I identified with.

Transformations start from within

The unexplainable pains I got on my foot took me on another learning loop: my body taught me to listen more carefully. I realized that I felt stuck and had taken a victim attitude. I started working on developing a mindset grounded in trust, practiced mediation and yoga, and set clear intentions. It took patience and when I let go of expectations, the inner change brought outer change: my pains disappeared and I got great opportunities for consulting projects. 

Jointly exploring regenerative cultures

Through these manifold life experiences I got passionate about practicing and sharing a way of being and doing integrating wisdoms emerging from our connections with nature, the body, emotions, the mind, the spirit. Exploring the shifts happening from an integrated way of being together with a group of people, let me experience snapshots of how living a regenerative culture feels and look like and drives me to co-host many more such encounters.