Authentic Relating
opens the door
of the house of belonging
calling you home.

Authentic Relating Communication Workshops

  • Are you tired of trying to appear in the “right way” and wish to relate to people authentically, just as you are?
  • Are you bored by superficial conversations and long for meaningful interactions in which you feel seen with what matters to you?
  • Do you hide from confrontations and are you ready to learn how to transform conflicts into opportunities for learning about yourself and deeply connect with others?

Authentic Relating is a powerful communication practice which helps you express and relate with others in a way that makes you feel alive and nourished. It allows you to build resilience, set clear boundaries and feel deeply connected, in an open, coherent and non-judjemental way. Authentic relating has the potential to transform and heal relationships.

What happens at our Authentic Relating Workshops?

During our authentic relating workshops, we introduce you to the practice of communicating authentically. Through our fun and sometimes unconventional communication games you upgrade your ability to express yourself and relate to others. You learn principles and theories which you can easily apply in your everyday life, with your grandma or with your coworkers. Thanks to the nervous-system friendly framing of our workshops, which includes movement, outdoor time and relaxation, you come out of our workshops regenerated and empowered to lead (yourself) authentically.

At our two day-long workshops taking place in the country side of Berlin or during our Online mini-course, we offer an introduction into the core practices, principles and models of Authentic Relating. We also offer customized workshops for teams and intentional communities during which we can dive into specific questions and models (e.g. conflict transformation). 

During our authentic relating workshops you can expect an intensive, playful, solid, and intimate experience building the ground from which you express yourself as a whole, powerful and vulnerable being.

  • Deep listening and presence during interactions
  • Observation of your own experience and expression of it
  • Ability to share and own your needs
  • Ability to name uncomfortable truths
  • Ease with shaping and leading difficult conversations
  • Curiosity and open mindedness
Authenticity is the practice of letting go of who we thought to be and embrace who we are.

Brené Brown

What is Authentic Relating?

Authentic Relating is a communication practice that brings the unconscious to consciousness, and makes the implicit explicit. Communicating authentically allows us to have enriching relationships that are real, honest and transparent. It enables people to welcome everything, and transform conflict into opportunity for deeper connection.

To be authentic means to be truthful, honest, and approachable. It is about allowing others to perceive, hear and get to know our inner dimension. This dimension is composed of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, the stories we tell ourselves, and the reaction mechanisms we have created throughout our lives.

To relate means to recognize that the person in front of us who, like ourselves, has their own unique and complex way of perceiving the World. We relate when we share sparks of our inner dimensions. As we exchange our experiences, we listen and share, we take and give. A dance unfolds creating new patterns weaving the threads of what we call relationship.

Relating authentically is the practice of recognizing our own complexity, as well as the own of the people we interact with, while taking nothing for granted and engaging with humility and curiosity. 

The Authentic Relating practice combines cutting edge research into the science of relationships with the timeless tenets of ancient wisdom. It offers an integrated, non dogmatic set of skills and tools that are easy to learn and apply in everyday life, with everyone we encounter.  

Join one of our upcoming workshops

Please note that I’m on maternity leave till the end of August 2024. Until then I will not host workshops. 

Authentic Relating Game Nights in Berlin
with Arne Drews

see Facebook Events of Arne Arvid Mai untill Autumn 2024

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Visionssuche in den Tessiner Bergen

22.09. - 04.10.2024, Schweiz


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Who facilitates the workshops?

Arne Drews

Arne is working as a trainer and coach, is a certified ART International Authentic Relating facilitator, and a Gestalt therapist in training. He’s passionate about exploring human development, nature connection and human-to-human relationships. His heart beats for the union of freedom and connection as well as an all encompassing belonging to the earth and all that lives on her.

Learn more about Arne on his website.

Majka Baur

Majka Baur is a trained systemic-integrative coach, facilitator and guide of wilderness based rites of passage. She accompanies people going through major life transitions and on wild personal development journeys. Majka loves movement, dance and hikes, as well as touching conversations during which time stops flowing.

Why Authentic Relating?

I used to be shy, especially in groups. I was a master in blending in like a quiet chameleon. Thanks to Authentic Relating I learned to actively shape conversations and speak up for what I need and care about, despite my fears of coming off as arrogant or damaging relationships. By sharing my experience, while including my vulnerability, new possibilities I never imagined opened up in relationships.


We would love to meet you at one of our next Authentic Relating communication workshops!

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