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Workshops & Events

Workshops & Seminars

I co-facilitate and design experiential workshops and training where participants learn to access and express different facets of who they are, heal themselves, and relate authentically to themselves, others and the creatures with whom we share our ecosystems. Such practices build the foundation of a healthy, balanced adulthood. One where we can access a sense of social belonging and stand up for our own needs and values. 

The skills covered in my workshops build the foundation from which, when the time is right, one embarks on their wild soul journey. This is a transformative adventure that destabilizes and ultimately dissolves the identity one had developed up until that point. It pulls towards the centre of one’s deepest longing, where one’s most significant wounds, but also one’s unique gifts and mythopoetic identity can be found. 

To guide you in such an encompassing soul journey I apply the maps described by Bill Plotkin (see book The journey of soul initiation) and the Wheel of Human Development of the School of Lost Borders, and make use of the knowledge of the territory I gained through my own wild adventures.


Communicate and shape relationships authentically

Expand your perception and gain intuitive insights ​​

Hike in the alps, connect and touch base with your life’s questions

Dye and be reborn in nature’s womb

Upcoming Events

Please note that I’m on maternity leave till the end of August 2024. Until then I will not host workshops. 

Visionssuche in den Tessiner Bergen

22.09. - 04.10.2024, Schweiz


Authentic Relating Game Nights in Berlin
with Arne Drews

see Facebook Events of Arne Arvid Mai untill Autumn 2024

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Workshops & Trainings I co-deliver

I’m part of the team delivering:

  • Hosting for Cultural Change, Pioneers of Change – Online practical training to learn Art of Hosting tools and approaches to host groups (Next Start: April 2023)
  • Women Remember, Pioneers of Change – Online Leadership training for women (Next Start: Oktober 2023)
  • I regularly collaborate with scaling4good (e.g. facilitation of innovation sprints at the Wyss Symposium 2022)

Customized Workshops for your team

  • Are you interested in offering an experiential communication or leadership development workshop or training to your team or in your community?

During seminars, workshops, and online-gatherings I am part of, we grow a network of lively connections among each other, in which we experience new, regenerative cultures, gain insights on who we have been, how we are relating, and who we are becoming.

By deeply seeing each other we create spaces from which radical – from the latin radix from the root, of fundamental nature – idea, worldview, behaviours, collaborations, initiatives and projects emergence.

I design, organise, co-host and co-facilitate experiences in which we create welcoming, warm spaces filled with room for sensing, sharing, and feeling alive. Personal and group processes are inter-woven in a mesh creating unpredictable patterns of transformation.

Contact me with your inquiry.

I work with partners in a process orientated way and some of the philosophies and methods I apply are based on:

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