Year Transition Coaching

Bye-bye 2022, Hello 2023!

Year Transition Coaching

Close the old year consciously, and get ready for the new year with a year-transition coaching.

I accompany you during your personal yearly reflection and in becoming aware of what you are ready to welcome in your life in the new year.

Through the review you gain key insights and do some “inner clean up”. Together we carefully listen into the opening free space, so that images and directions can emerge. You build a good base from where you can start the new year well rested and with clarity.


Step 1: Self-reflection
You call into your awareness the events and experiences of the past year, which have been important to you, by filling out the “yearly review canvas” (download here).

Step 2: Yearly Review Coaching Conversation
During a personal coaching conversation (phone, zoom / in Berlin, duration: 1h30) before the end of the year you share your experiences. Through the reflection and my questions you gain insights and it becomes easier to let go of what has been. An option I like to suggest is that you have this conversation while having a walk in a nearby forest.

Step 3: Integration
During the calm days between Christmas and New Year, you let the contents of our conversation “sink” into yourself, listen to questions rising in you, and say goodbye to what won’t keep growing. I accompany your integration process by sharing practical methods which can support you.

Step 4: Yearly Outlook Coaching Conversation
During a personal coaching conversation (phone/ zoom/ in Berlin, duration: 1h30) with questions about the new year, we listen carefully to your intention for the new year and the direction of your path. Out of the macro perspective, we distill your first tiny steps.

Optional: Go for a threshold-walk / nature-walk before the yearly outlook coaching (I can provide more details if you are interested).

  • I carefully listen to you from the heart with an open, appreciating, and accepting attitude, while being aware of information conveyed through the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
  • Confidentiality and trust are the basis of our exchange.
  • As a systemic-integrative coach, I accompany you through your process and invite you to do exercises that enable you to discover new perspectives. I suggest a structure with selected questions while we continuously adapt to what serves your process best.
  • You take care of yourself so that you recognize your emotional boundaries without overstepping them. I can support you with this.
  • You commit to the dates we fix for the coachings and change them only in an emergency.

The offering includes 3 hours of personal coaching as well as templates for the preparation time.

The price is based on your personal evaluation. As I know that an open assessment can be difficult, I offer you a few classical categories, well knowing that some people will not recognize themselves in them (all prices ex. VAT.):

  • People with low income: 100 EUR
  • People with an average income/solid financial base: 300 EUR
  • People with a high financial income/ wanting to sponsor people with a lower income: 500 EUR

In the case the cost is a barrier for you, contact me and we can talk about alternative possibilities.


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me: hello(at)

Book your Year Transition Coaching with Majka here.

The spots are limited.


Majka Baur

We carry in us the seed of a new story of what it means to. be human. Let’s let them sprout. 

Majka contributes to the societal change by hosting spaces in which inner and outer transformation can happen. She unites her passion for supporting people in uncovering their gifts and powers with her deep love for the Earth and Life, through workshops, retreats, and coaching. Majka trained as a systemic-integrative coach and has a degree in environmental sciences with a specialization in human-environmental systems. She co-developed several sustainability-related ventures and projects. 

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