How to transform inside out?

As a certified systemic-integrative coach by the European Coaching Association I coach in person in Berlin and online in English, German, French and Italian.

What is Majka's coaching?

As a coach I work with people that feel stuck, unsatisfied or blocked in an area of their life and want to move on in order to live their dreams and make their objectives become reality.

During my individual coachings, you enter a space in which you gain new perspectives on your situation and clarity on how to move forward with joy.

As a coach, I help you to listen to both, your heart and your mind while gaining deeper insights into yourself. The systemic-integrative methods and personal experiences I gained are very valuable during this process.

As a coachee you bring the own contents and are “in charge” of reflecting, feeling and working on yourself. As a coach, I’m responsible for facilitating your self-discovery and learning process.

Is Majka's coaching something for me?

I love to coach individuals that care about living a balanced, joyful life, which helps to shape a world in which all living beings can flourish.

I myself had and searched for life changing experiences, worked as an entrepreneur (co-founder and CEO of the Swiss social business WeAct) and lived as a digital nomad while writing a book on “Designing for Behaviour Change” with scaling4good.

Because of these experiences I specialised in helping to:

    Rather than burning out,
    live with balance & joy.

    Image of joyful woman on swing with waterfall in the background as well as balanced stone piles.

    Stop turning round and
    find your impact-driven path.

    Sane Lebrun
    Testimonial coaching Majka Baur by Soline Bonnel

    " I was impressed by Majka's approach, very thoughtful, human and pragmatic. Her coaching allowed me to unlock some obstacles in various areas of my life, wether professional or personal. I would recommend Majka to anybody willing to make a leap forward in their life in a short amount of time. "

    Sane Lebrun


    Soline Bonnel
    Testimonial coaching Majka Baur by Soline Bonnel

    " Majka excels at helping people become aware of their potential. I heartily recommend Majka's coaching to every entrepreneur, change and impact maker! "

    Soline Bonnel


    Eva Keller
    Testimonial coaching Majka Baur by Soline Bonnel

    " Die Gespräche mit Majka haben mir geholfen, meine Ideen, Gefühle, Erfahrungen und Visionen zu sortieren und in ein harmonisches Gesamtbild zu setzen. Durch ihre einfühlsame und feine Art schafft es Majka, Personen mit unterschiedlichen Charakter abzuholen, auf sie einzugehen und sie individuell zu unterstützen. Majka hat mich mit ihrer motivierenden und energiespenden Art inspiriert und ermutigt, Dinge anzupacken. "

    Eva Keller


    Valentina R
    Coaching testimonial for Majka Baur by Valentina

    " The most valuable thing I have learned with Majka’s coaching is to position myself in the mental and emotional place from where I can change my life and the world around me. "

    Valentina R.


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