Becoming who you want to be in this time of transformation

Becoming who you want to be

in this time of transformation

Becoming who you want to be

in this time of transformation

Who do you want to be in this disruptive time?

How can you become it?

These are big fundamental questions. What are they moving in you? Do you want to keep them away? Do they seem too big? Or are they absorbing your attention in every moment? When you let these profound questions in and hold them, without urging for quick or easy answers, you start a transformative journey.

Transformation, in contrast to change, cannot be undone. Once a seed starts sprouting, it cannot go back. It’s life force has been activated: it will keep trying to grow, no matter the conditions it encounters. When the sprout manages to cope and adapt to the environment, it thrives and flourishes. If not it dies.

The perspective of embarking on an unknown journey without return and with the possibility of getting lost is scary. It implies that we have to let go who we have been so far, and know so well, while not knowing who we will become.

Once questions, which deeply move you, keep popping up, they start transforming you. You may try as hard as you want to stop the process, but you actually can’t stop it. What you can do is to decide which approach you want to take and look for support helping you to have an insightful ride, instead of a fight.

How do I host spaces of transformation?

Through personal coaching and retreats I host spaces in which, I accompany you on the process of exploring what moves you, what is alive and what wants to be expressed. The process leads you to wider awareness and committed action. You get unstuck and back to your flow.

In my coaching practice and in the events I co-design and co-facilitate I apply methods integrating information coming from our whole being, including the wisdom of the mind, heart and body.

In events I find it key to activate and balance the expression various parts of ourselves. Such a process opens us up to accessing value-based visions and an integrated willpower.

Personal coaching - untangling knots

During personal coaching you are in the centre of our attention. We jointly explore aspects of your life that move you, your dreams, find barriers and ways to transform and integrate them in your development. You exit with clear intentions and action points.

My systemic-integrative coaching training (Certified by the European Coaching Association) and life experiences, as an impact driven individual learning to deal with various life challenges, make me a good companion for such a journey.

I coach in person in Berlin, as well as with video conferences and calls. I work with international clients in English, German, French and Italian. The coaching fees are jointly defined based on your needs and financial capacities. Have a look at coaching references from some people I worked with.


Write me at majka (at) We can schedule a call to see if personal coaching is of benefit for you at this point in time.

Events - extraordinary community dives

During workshops and retreats you join a group of “fellow travellers” on your transformation journey. Sharing what matters to you with others and learning what moves them, creates a new broader shared dimension, which is mutually enriching. In group processes the intensity of the experiences can be magnified. Unpredictable interactions creating energy, frictions and insights happen.  

Workshops take place for a few hours or a full day. They create plenty of inspiring sparks, shared moments and connections. Being and experiencing ourselves together in workshops nurtures our growth.

Seminars take place for at least two days. You dive into a space “out of the ordinary”. You zoom out from normality and take time to explore aspects related to the bigger frame of your life: integrating past experiences, experimenting in a safe space, visioning and setting intentions. I particularly love to host retreats in places surrounded by an energising lively nature.

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