Welcome to my website!

In these times of disruption on planet Earth, I support people and organizations who want to make a difference to unfold their unique ways to offer their gifts. 

It’s a process during which we explore new perspectives, uncover underlying values and narratives, let past wounds heal, and open up to the possibilities arising from our collective imagination.

  • Are you working on a project dear to you and have the impression that it is not flowing as you would like?
  • Are you in a personal transition in which “the old” is falling apart and “the new” has not appeared yet? 

I would love to hear about it from you. Get in touch to have a conversation together.


p.s. If you wonder who I am, here are some stories about my background.


Personal Coaching

With personal coaching, I accompany you in exploring questions that deeply matter to you. Together we embark on a journey during which we bring light to parts of yourself ready to be let go of and to others longing to vigorously grow. By embracing your inner development, you sow seeds from which the transformative leader that is in you will flourish.

Do you answer YES to some of these questions?

Are you aware of the closing time window we have to globally transform our society into a life-sustain one and sometimes feel hopeless and wonder where is it worth to put your energy in?

Are you in your had a lot, while searching for solutions, and at times realize to be disconnected from your body and emotions?

Do you do a lot for others and for the World, but at times it’s just too much, and you feel exhausted, demotivated and unfocussed?

Do you answer YES to some of these questions?

Are you tired of struggling with money and having to choose between doing something purposeful and feeling financially safe?

Have you the impression that your life is determined by others, while you long for a path that feels truly authentic and meaningful to you?

Are you driven and know how to overcome challenges, but when you finally achieve your objectives, don’t find yourself to be fully satisfied?


Spaces of Connection

During seminars, workshops, and retreats in nature, as well as at online-gatherings, we grow a network of lively connections among each other, in which we experience the regenerative cultures we want to live in. By gaining insights into who we have been and are becoming we create space in which we connect authentically, learn together, and new ways of collaborating emerge.

“I really appreciated the possibility to approach inner and outer change in a diverse group of likely minded people.” – Participant Leadership Seminar 2020

Strategic Integral Consulting

with Purpose-Driven Organisations

Through consulting services, we take a strategic look at where you stand with your project and organization and which questions are of concern to you. We clarify your intention, gather warm and cold data, and learn through experimentation about promising paths through which your organization can create more aliveness.

Do you recognize yourself in some of these questions?

You see how the world is changing fast, and want to strengthen your ability to navigate in uncertainty and complexity with a sustainable financial model?

You want to encourage changes in behaviours and culture and wonder what is an effective strategy?

Do you recognize yourself in some of these questions?

You want to move from incremental impacts to leading transformational and systemic changes with your services and products?

You have come a long way and realize that to unleash systemic impact you need to engage in new types of collaborations?

I would love to hear from you about what is on top of your mind and where you may need some support. Get in touch here.